IntegralDMS has expertise in Digitization, Content Conversion and Digital Publishing solutions and services. We are market leader in providing innovative solutions and have successfully delivered many high volume, complex Digitization projects. We have experience working with Libraries, Universities and Publishers across Australia and United States. We have the capacity to process large volumes of work and offer both on-site and off-shore support and services.

Our Capabilities Include:

  • Scanning and Digitization
  • Handling high volume Digitization projects
  • XML based Content Solutions
  • Content Conversion
  • eBook Solutions including eBook Designing & Conversion
  • eBook Distribution to worldwide eBook stores
  • Publishing Production
  • Prepress Production
  • Digital Publishing Solutions

Power of XML

XML is the most accurate format of structured content. The XML layer turns data into valuable information and allows it to be delivered into content management systems, broken-up and imported intelligently into many different formats. The structured XML content can further be used as an asset for creating various revenue models.

Some of these formats are as follows:

  • Web content that sits in a content management system (independent or cloud based) to be consumed through a web browser
  • Course content to be imported into course learning platforms like Moodle
  • Construction of eBooks to be sold through eBook stores such as Apple, Amazon, Google Books
  • Wholesale content deals to online content companies


IntegralDMS can provide full content based solutions for Digitized Materials. We can create OCR text, MS-Word, XML, HTML 5 and Indexed and searchable web based content. We can also create a content platform through which the content can be repurposed by recreating, restructuring and compiling data from multiple sources. The XML/HTML 5 content can be distributed via multiple channels and made available for all platforms including latest mobile and tablet devices.

We can also provide comprehensive eBook solutions for the digitized books. The eBook can have active links, table of contents, images, searchable and reflowable text and can be read on all PC, mobile and tablets including Apple iOS devices, Android devices, Kindle devices and other mobile devices. eBooks are the latest format for Digitization and we provide eBook conversion and distribution services to worldwide e-stores.

Our XML based Digitization solutions include:

  • Extracting text content from scanned pages
  • OCR extracting the text and converting to stylised MS-Word format
  • Proofreading content to ensure accuracy
  • Converting images into JPGs
  • Converting tables into HTML
  • Creating comprehensive DTD as per content requirements
  • Organizing content into XML
  • XML Tagging the content for proper indexing, categorisation and utility
  • Appending appropriate metadata to content materials
  • Feed the digitized content into content management system
  • Make the content searchable and categorised into appropriate content areas
  •  Option to choose selective content from search results and
  • Create a new batch from selected content for repurposing
  • eBook Conversion and Digital Publishing solutions from Digitized content
  • Composition and Typesetting from Digitized content; Creating hi-res PDF for reprinting
  • Customized solutions & services can be provided as required